15 Hilarious Tweets From The Bridget Trump Parody Account

Bridget Trump's Diary.

It looks like that, until someone forcibly prises the keyboard out of Donald Trump’s hands (or changes his passwords to Hilaryfor2020), the PEOTUS is going to continue his unrelenting stream of tweets.

Which is good news for everyone but Trump’s team, because (aside from the insight into Trump's no-filters mind) stand-up comedienne Tiff Stevenson has created a Bridget Jones Diary parody Twitter account that rewrites Trump’s tweets in the form of Bridget Jones style entries and it might be the best thing you see all day.

Hopefully, it will last for the duration of Trump’s term, or at least until someone gets between the man and his social media accounts. Until then, here are some of the best tweets the account has to offer so far.