15 Jennifer Aniston Movies And TV Shows That All Friends Fans Need To See

She'll be there for you, even though Friends ended years ago.

Ah, Jennifer Aniston. What an angel she is. We'd even argue she was the best thing about Friends. Disagree? Fine. You and me, outside, right now!

Seriously, though, it's no wonder her career took off so nicely after the show ended in 2004 - she's a true star. Because of the numerous projects she's been involved in since Friends, missing our favourite gang of best buds from New York is a little bit easier.

And there's plenty to choose from when it comes to Aniston's filmography! We rounded up the best films and TV shows for you. Next time that Friends nostalgia kicks in, you'll know what to do (watch all of these, of course, duh!).

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