16 Mouth-Watering Chocolate Statues You'll Want To Devour Immediately

Like biting off the Lindt Bunny's ears, x100.

1. Vladimir Putin

We would totally (def)eat a chocolate Putin. Although, the artist who created this warned people that there will be "no touching, licking or biting" of choccy Putin. So not much hope, there.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

Like he wasn't already edible enough.

3. Big Ben

No, we don't care that it's actually the bell that's named Big Ben and again, no, we don't care about tooth decay. Give it to us. Now.

4. Stonehenge

There's been a lot of debate about how Stonehenge's prehistoric builders moved their massive rocks to the site, but we should really be discussing how to get us here.

5. The Eiffel Tower

There could be no greater act of love than eating the most romantic girders in the world all by yourself.

6. Arc de Triomphe

While we're in the city, don't mind if we do...

7. The Easter Island Heads

Finally doing something to earn those 'Easter' credentials, we see

8. The Reichstag

The Reichsnack, more like.

9. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

We'll fix the most famous building error in history. By devouring it all.

10. Fukuoka Castle

The Japanese government have decreed this a historic site, but let's see them stop us smashing our way through this tasty ass replica.

11. St Basil's Cathedral

Ivan The Terrible supposedly had the architect of St Basil's Cathedral's eyes removed upon completion, so that he could never replicate the building. We'd go one step further and remove this building. Just so that nobody else could have it.

12. The Taj Mahal

Constructed as a mausoleum to emperor Shah Jahan's favourite wife, they'll need to build another, twice as beautiful, to house our bloated carcass after scoffing this down.

13. The Empire State Building

Imagine dropping a penny off the top of this baby. Now imagine not wasting your time with such frivolities and just wolfing it all down until you got to Wall Street. 

14. The Statue of Liberty

Nothing would say 'freedom' quite like stuffing yourself with ol' Libertas here until you were sick.

15. Mount Rushmore

Goddamn, we love democracy. All in favour of destroying a chocolate monument to Murica's most celebrated sons say "Ayomnonomom"...

16. Mayan Temple

Weighing in at 18,239 pounds, this traditional Mayan-style temple is the world's largest chocolate sculpture. Until we chomp our way through it like moths through a wallet on payday, that is.