15 Of The Greatest LEGO Creations

The best we can muster is a tiny house for hamsters.

1. This life size giraffe

2. This 20ft tall LEGO house

3. A very happy Spongebob Squarepants

4. Brickley the Sea Serpent

5. This super cool 14 foot long Stegosaurus

6. A realistic Volvo XC90

7. This massive recreation of the Mona Lisa

8. This owl seemingly looking straight into our soul

9. An insanely cool LEGO tower

10. This nightmarish but awesome sculpture

11. This trippy looking R2-D2

12. A detailed representation of the Taj Mahal

13. This impressive Batman creation

14. A huge squid attacking a Star Destroyer 

15. This breathtaking dragon