15 Videos Of People Whose Road Rage Went Way, Way Too Far

Some people need to take a breather.

There's something about being on the road that causes certain drivers to become possessed with rage. 

Whilst some can internalise their frustration, others prefer to openly express themselves...

Like this driver that violently backs up into a motorcycle, with no shame at all.

And these two that take their speed a little bit too far.

This person who kicks a car and gets crushed in return.

And this guy who absolutely loses it with a cyclist.

There's this Taxi driver who gets booed by an army of cyclists.

And the abusive driver who gets to experience some instant karma.

This truck driver who uses what he's transporting to his advantage, and messes up everyone else's day.

And this entitled man that gets more than he bargained for.

This motorcyclist who REALLY wants to know if you're f*****g kidding him.

And this guy who goes a bit over the top with a baseball bat.

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