15 Pets Trying To Be Babies

I want to be a real boy!

[subheader:list:1]So, you just do this all day?[/subheader]

[subheader:list:2]Oh yeah, I could get used to this.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:3]What happens now...? She does what?![/subheader]

[subheader:list:4]Go on then, when in Rome.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:5]Okay, but more snuggling.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:6]New profile pic sorted.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:7]You're right, this is way better than theirs.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:8]Alright, go on then.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:9]You can do it buddy![/subheader]

[subheader:list:10]I feel your pain, man.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:11]Let me show you how this is done.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:12]Jeez, keep up.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:13]You started this, pal.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:14]Okay, I don't want to be a baby anymore.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:15]Alright, you won me over.[/subheader]