16 Rookie Mistakes Only True Friends Geeks Know About


1. In Season 1, Rachel leaves Barry FINKEL at the altar. Who is then referred to as Barry Farber for the rest of the series

2. When Rachel arrives at the coffee shop in the pilot episode, Monica introduces her to everyone, including Chandler

She snogged him a few years earlier at his university party AND stood by as Monica cut his toe off at a Geller Thanksgiving. She *blatantly* knew who he was - but maybe he just didn't recognise her post nose job...

3. That time Rachel, Phoebe and Joey went to visit Phoebe's dad and the dog trainer forgot to get out of the shot

4. When Ross found out his wife was a lesbian and discovered he had MAGIC POWERS on the same day

5. The fact that Courteney Cox was the ONLY friend not to receive an Emmy nomination for her part in the show even though she was blatantly the best character

Well isn't that just spit on your neck, kick you in the crotch fantastic?

6. When people thought Courteney spelled it 'Courtney'

Only a fake Friends geek would think that. Fools.

7. When Chandler called Joey 'Matt' by mistake

Listen carefully - he definitely most certainly probably says 'Matt'. Or 'man'. But we think it's 'Matt'. Sillies.

8. Ross is devasted when Carol, the first woman he ever slept with, realises she's a lesbian. But in The One With Rachel's Assistant we learn he boned the elderly library assistant at university

It's also implied that he 'got lucky' with Julie twice, before he tells Rachel she and Carol are the only women he's ever slept with. Liar, liar pants on fire. Or just a continuity slip.

9. In flashback episodes, Monica is *obsessed* with Chandler

To the point where she changes her appearance (and entire lifestyle) dramatically after he makes a comment about her weight, then devises an elaborate plan for getting him back. But in later episodes, she thinks the idea of finding him attractive is hilarious. When they eventually hook up, get engaged, married and adopt babies, her teen obsession is barely mentioned. Hmmmm.


Ross and Carol's son Ben is frequently mentioned in early seasons of the show, but when Emma comes along he starts to get pushed out. By Season 8, Episode 12, he's gone forever. He is mentioned a handful of times in the 54 remaining episodes, and never meets his sister Emma on screen. WTF?

11. When Phoebe tells Mike she's never been in a serious relationship

But what about when she MOVED IN with bird-shooting police officer Gary!? Got a short memory haven't you Pheebs?

12. When Ellen DeGeneres turned down the role of Phoebe before it was given to Lisa Kudrow. Huh, like *her* career went anywhere afterwards

13. When Ross has no fucking idea how old he is or what month he was born in

He tells Gunther he was born in December, but when he breaks his hand in another episode, he states his birth date as October 18th. He's also meant to be 29 in THREE seasons of Friends (within which we see three Christmasses). And while we're on the subject, Joey is meant to be the youngest in the group (it's implied in Season 1's 'The One With The Birth'), but Rachel makes a HUGE deal out of being the last of them to turn 30. Sort it out, lads.

14. The fact it's *totally* weird that Ross and Rachel name their child EMMA

Remarkably similar to Emily, isn't it? The name of the woman the rest of the friends HATE, and who almost blighted their relationship for good when Ross said Rachel's name at their wedding?! Don't tell me Rachel would have stood for that shit. Too. weird.

15. When Chandler is as shocked by Ross' 'sound' as everyone else. THEY WERE IN A BAND TOGETHER AT COLLEGE, YOU'D THINK HE'D REMEMBER

16. When no one seems to notice that Joey's AGENT delivered Carol and Ross' baby in Season 1

Change of career, Estelle?

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