15 Times Ross Geller Was A Cross Feller

No chill. None at all.

Ross Geller had absolutely no chill. On the rage scale, he ranks a 98, which is right between 'Hitler finding out people are laughing at his shorts' and 'Kanye West getting a text that says "Kk" and assuming you're dissing his wife'. 

In celebration of the fact that Ross was actually a sick, sick man, we've rounded up 15 times he seriously overreacted to life's little problems.    

1. When he spilled a little bit of Herbal Essences and called it a "major shampoo explosion"

The only thing exploding here is your nerves, Geller. Get some help. 

2. When he screamed so hard about a sandwich that birds scattered

Why do you hate the birds, Ross? What did the birds do to you? 

3. When his #masculintysofragile 

If you don't want people to think you're gay, stop saying "homo erectus" so much.

4. When he did whatever the fuck he was doing here

5. When he took his anger out on fajitas for no damn good reason

Your friends are the one screwing each other, Ross, the fajitas did nothing. 

6. When he watched Chandler and Monica having sex for way too long

It's totally fair that Ross was angry about his best friend and his sister, but why did he have to stand there watching for so long? 

7. When he got the wrong coffee order

Good job they didn't write 'Russ' on the cup. 

8. When he found out the LOVE OF HIS LIFE was pregnant and all he could do was scream about condoms

Which makes no sense because he already has a child. REMEMBER BEN, ROSS? BEN IS CRYING OUT FOR YOUR LOVE. 

9. When even his kisses were filled with rage 

We wonder how many times a day Rachel regrets getting off the plane? 

10. When he body-shamed Gert 

She's like 11. You're a monster. 

11. This time

12. This time

13. Yep, definitely this time

14. When he couldn't handle a tiny bit of rugby

We would've slaughtered him in Year 8 PE. 

15. When he verbally abused the friends who were helping him move house

Screw you, science boy.