16 Alternative Advent Calendars You Can Make Yourself

Is the prospect of a tiny square of crappy chocolate everyday not getting you excited for Christmas? Here are 16 DIY ideas for advent calendars that are way more exciting.

[subheader]24 pack of beer[/subheader]

Give yourself a real treat in the morning with a beer advent calendar. If you want to mimic the chocolate experience, just make sure the cans are all too small and taste a bit weird.

[subheader]24 slice party pizza[/subheader]

We all know that pizza tastes better the next day. So think how tasty it must be after 23 days. This is the calendar that keeps on getting better.

[subheader]24 bottles of wine[/subheader]

A more upmarket option than the beer, this can also be more satisfying, as careful users can make each treat last for the whole morning.

[subheader]24 pack of Walkers crisp[/subheader]

Why eat the same boring chocolate everyday when you can have variety like this?

[subheader]24 pack of bubbles[/subheader]

We all know that any day you have a bottle of bubbles is a special one. Imagine that feeling EVERY DAY of the month.

[subheader]24 pack of dishwasher tablets[/subheader]

This might not sound that good, but it's actually just like the bubbles, with clean plates afterwards. Cool!

[subheader]24 pack of Ferrero Rocher[/subheader]

Are you holding an ambassadorial reception? Well make sure no one touches your Ferrero Rocher! Because you only get one every day.

[subheader]24 pack of condoms[/subheader]

Are you the kind of idiot who thinks that a "voucher for a free massage" is an acceptable gift for a partner? Then why not buy them this erotic advent calendar as an equally thoughtless gift?

[subheader]24 pack of Playdoh[/subheader]

You can make a ball of playdoh into anything. So just imagine what you could make with 24 balls of playdoh. Anything! Actually, that's the same as with one, we must have messed up the maths somehow.

[subheader]24 pack of moth killer and freshener sachets[/subheader]

Christmas is a time of indulgence, so why not treat yourself to a month-long moth killing spree? Not only will your living room be littered with tiny corpses, but it will also smell of wild lavender!

[subheader]Connie Francis 24 CD collection[/subheader]

If your mates are anything like ours, they never shut up about what happened on the new Connie Francis CD the night before. Avoid spoilers by catching up on every one of the 24 discs throughout the month.

[subheader]24 pack of Jaffa Cakes[/subheader]

Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? It is all those things and more. Just imagine having one every day for a month. Then spend the rest of the day picking pieces of your brain off the ceiling. Because your mind just got blown.

[subheader]24 pack of nappies[/subheader]

Kids like Christmas too, so as a special treat for yours, stop rinsing off the same stinky old nappie and treat them to a new one every day!

[subheader]24 pack of Monster energy[/subheader]

Because Christmas is hard work, and what better way to inject a bit of "pep" into your day then pumping your brain full of caffeine and sugar? It's what gave us the idea to write this article!

[subheader]24 hours of Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges[/subheader]

The only problem with this one is that it's hard to resist the temptation to watch all 24-hours of thrilling 1950s adventure series Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges all at once. Will he ever find and capture the sea that murdered his family? You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out!