16 Shrieks Of Despair Every Vegetarian Will Recognise

What do you mean there was bacon in it?

[subheader:list:1]Your mates went for pizza but they left you out because they didn't think vegetarian pizza was a thing.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:2]Your best friend just gave you some soup that secretly had chicken in it because "it's good for you and anyway you liked it".[/subheader]

[subheader:list:3]The waiter assures you the special fried rice is vegetarian and then gives you a plate covered in shrimps.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:4]You have to explain that fish, and lobster, and prawns are all meat.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:5]The internet goes on about bacon. Constantly.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:6]You're at the start of a four-hour family car journey and someone says "what if they died of natural causes?"[/subheader]

[subheader:list:7]A friend made a point of inviting you to their dinner party and then spent the whole time berating you for not wanting the pork loin.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:8]And the "special meal" they cooked you is a plate of cauliflower with a bit of vinegar on it.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:9]You find out that your favourite restaurant "always" puts bacon on the curly fries but chops it up so small it looks like pepper.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:10]You want to revisit your childhood but can’t find veggie jellybabies.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:11]Your partner didn't think the chips looked very healthy so they ordered you a salad instead.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:12]You go on holiday to a place where vegetarians don’t exist.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:13]It's Christmas, and your mum put your special Tofurkey in the oven at 4am with the real one.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:14]Also, the sprouts are covered in bacon and the roast potatoes were cooked in turkey fat.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:15]Your mother insists this is a 10-year phase you’re going through.[/subheader]

[subheader:list:16]You're trapped on a desert island with a pig, thus validating every stupid question you've ever been asked.[/subheader]

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