16 Times Broad City Was Too Real For Women In Their 20s


1. When they summed up how sex is simultaneously something you love and find hilarious.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

2. But, they're still awkward around boys they like.

3. Like, really, really awkward...

4. Sometimes they say the wrong things.

5. Their friends get stressed, and they're there for them when they freak out.

6. They make you realise that you can teach younger people about the important things in life.

7. They get off with people and instantly regret it.

8. Like Ilana, when your friend gets laid, you get more excited than them.

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9. They make you realise that your closest friends are actually massive weirdos. And that maybe you are too.

10. They try to act mature, but know they're just kidding themselves.

11. They walk in on one of their friends enjoying some 'private time'.

12. The time they had a traumatic flat-hunting experience.

13. When they came up with the best response to men who cat call them.

14. They attempt to get used to having a proper job...

15. ...and realise that they can't handle any job, which requires them to do work they don't want to.

16. When Abbi felt incredible amounts of joy when she has her flat to herself.

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central
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