16 Times Nicolas Cage Proved He's The World's Greatest Actor

So. Many. Screams.

Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor of all time.

Hemdale Film Corporation / Comedy Central

Think about it. Anyone can act convincingly. Think about all the times you told your parents you were going to a sleepover, only you were actually drinking 2 litre bottles of Shite Lightening down the local rec centre... 

No, what makes a great actor is complexity, and Nicolas Cage is as... ~complex~ as they come.

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In a few short weeks the Prince Charles Cinema, the London home of cult cinema, is showing 6 of Nicolas Cage's most challenging movies back-to-back. That's right, Con Air, Face/Off, Vampire's Kiss, Snake Eyes, Wild At Heart and The Rock all in one night!

So to celebrate, we decided to take a look through Cage's mighty filmography to find 16 examples of Nic Cage's greatest through the only medium we know... the moments where he completely and utterly loses his shit.

Make sure to grab tickets to the Nicolas Cage-Sploitation All-Nighter on September 24th TODAY.

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