16 Times Friends Took The Gunther Abuse Too Goddamn Far

"Gunther! Six glasses!" "You want me to join you?" "Oh, I thought Joey was here."

Look, we know the one-liners the Friends gang delivered to Gunther over the years were laugh out loud funny. Actual, IRL 'lols' came from gently ribbing the man with hair brighter than the sun.

But he had feelings too, y'know? We'd go so far as to say he was the head bitch of the whole goddamn group, but that's another article entirely (it's this article, actually. You should read it. It's great). 

What we're saying is, the Friends gang were fab, but they were also bullies.

Phoebe looked out for Gunther, and Rachel was sweet to him in a nice-to-the-geeks-in-private-but-still-wants-to-be-head-cheerleader-way... but Ross? He was horrible to him.

So he deserved to be mugged by Phoebe. He deserved to lose his job. HE DESERVED TO LOSE RACHEL FOREVER, AND WE'RE STILL BITTER SHE GOT OFF THAT PLANE. We hope he's still practicing Unagi - he's gonna need it if we ever bump into him. 

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