17 Happy Meal Toys You Forgot You Collected In The 90s

Hot Wheels and Sky Dancers, YES.

There was no greater childhood win than your mother giving in to McDonald's for tea on a Tuesday night after swimming, exhausted from watching you splutter up chlorine while snotty Kyle's mum Jacqui cried to her about divorce number two.

To you, though, it was the pinnacle of after-school fun - running up to the toy display to see what they had on that day, swapping toys you already had with your sibling when they went to the toilet, taking them to school to trade - even now, we can feel the devastation of plucking a THIRD Speedy The Turtle Teenie Beanie Baby from the box, when you'd been hoping for Pinky The Flamingo.

Check out this insanely cool collection of awesome 90s/00s booty and cry into your frayed, probably unwashed sleeve - today's kids will never have a meal so happy (or a tiny, WORKING SKY DANCER!).

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