17 Of The Best Costumes At MCM London Comic Con

People went ALL out this year.

Comic Con is THE event for pop culture lovers to express themselves, cosplaying to the nines while shuffling about buying state of the art merch, attending Q&As with their gaming heroes, previewing exclusive clips of new movies and games, and eating a hell of a lot of junk food.

We popped down to London's ExCel Centre to see who's hot and who's not this year (spoiler: there were a LOT of Harley Quinns)...

Newsflash: Pokemon's still pretty popular

And people *really* dig Deadpool

Boba Fett 

Rilakkuma the Sanrio bear, he cute

Scooby died in a fire, we were sadly informed

Harley and her bf The Joker were obviously there

And the Harley *Twins* got a lot of attention

Brotherhood Of Steel - just as terrifying IRL

Dugtrio - topless Dugtrio

Disney princesses are still in - but they're dead now

Poison Ivy, Batwoman and Harley Quinn

Pocahontas and master of colonialism Governor John Ratcliffe

 The Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino gang

Gandalf kept it classic

And check out DVA from Overwatch

Furries, furries everywhere

Here's to next year! 

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