This Instagram Account Collects Hilarious Texts From People's Parents

"Dad, what's my blood type?" "Red."

We get it, parents are embarrassing. Whether they're writing shopping lists that absolutely, 100% do NOT have 'new car' on them (until you intervene), completely ignoring you when you get stuck inside a glass table, or manage to get themselves stuck in a compost bin, they're always doing something to piss you off.

When it comes to technology at least, it's far easier to record (and post worldwide) their transgressions against you. Like with text messages.


Sure it is

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They've had a phone for over a decade now (FINALLY upgraded from that 3310, so you can keep that and play Snake forevermore) and with that monumental change comes the chance to save their priceless moments for the rest of time. And this brilliant Instagram account does just that...

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