25 Pieces Of Bob's Burgers Merchandise It's Possible To Be In Love With At Once


We love Bob's Burgers more than Tina Belcher loves butts. Which is a lot. We want to wear this love on our sleeves, and luckily, supr creative fans around the globe have made this entirely possible, designing amazing phone covers, T-shirts, bags and hoodies for us to adorn our fine selves with on a daily basis.

But enough with the regular stuff. What if we told you we'd found an ACTUAL 'Erotic Friends Fiction' notebook? Or a pink bunny ears hat JUST like Louise's? OR A PATTERN TO HELP YOU CROCHET YOUR VERY OWN TINA BELCHER?

That's right, we asked the internet for the weirdest, coolest, juiciest Bob's Burgers merch and boy, did it deliver. Us right now:

Comedy Central

Check out these awesome Bob's Burgers accessories and you'll conclude, it's totally possible to be in love with 25 things at the same time.

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