17 Reasons To Move To Australia Right Now

It's Australia Day, when everyone celebrates life Down Under. But don't just celebrate from afar, pack your bags and move there!

1. Their wildlife is surprisingly intelligent

2. And the animals love their banter


3. Their police have a sense of humour


4. They've got innovative attitudes towards mudflaps

5. They can truly call themselves patriotic

6. Their TV guides are brutally honest

7. Their art world is pretty chilled in a crisis

8. Their sportsmanship knows no bounds

9. Even their animals take fitness seriously

10. Their binge-drinking is surprisingly festive

11. Their cuisine is both innovative and nutritious

12. And they can even make knitting patriotic

13. Their authority figures know how to party

14. They've made the construction of beer snakes a national sport


15. Their media has a good sense of priorities

16. Their criminals are endlessly imaginative

17. And last but not least, they've got a pretty relaxed attitude towards names