17 Tiny Pilot Script Details That Almost Changed Friends Forever

Rachel Green was called Rachel Robbins.

You think you know aboslutely everything about Friends, huh? You've seen all the episodes at least three times, you passed the world's most incredibly difficult Friends quiz, you know what Chandler does for a living, and you already got your tickets to FriendsFestcorrect? Ok, we have to admit, that's all pretty impressive. 

But did you know that the original script for the Pilot episode of Friends was a lot different to the one you saw on TV? Oh yeah, SO MUCH different. And if Marta Kauffman and David Crane got away with it, Friends could have had some quite unusual plot developments. Like Ross not being *that* into dinosaurs, actually. 

Here's a round up of the most important differences we found - and we're SO glad they made the changes... 

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