18 Hi-LOL-rious Reactions To That Pathetic Excuse For A Supermoon

Supermoon? More like Mooperspoon.

Hey, remember how we all went outside and looked at the majestic supermoon the other night?

No. No of course you don't. You know why? Because it was a disappointing pile of shit, that's why.

"Ouuuuuuu you have to see it," some arsehole on the Today Show screeched. "It only happens once every 70-odd years, it's a once in a lifetime experience."

So's dying, you strawman idiot, and I don't intend on trying that soon.

ANYWAYS, as everyone knows, the best thing about a disappointing public spectacle (or election result, celebrity death, and whatever else 2016's gonna throw in our already shit-stained faces before January 1st), it's internet reactions.

So we found 18 of our faves who managed to make the supermoon look like a mooperspoon... AKA a giant piece of shit.

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