19 New Jobs For Nigel Farage, Strange Dude And Self-Described Human Being

Nigel needs a new job. These are DEFINITELY his only options.

In a shock announcement this morning, Nigel Farage spoke unto the people and declared that he would be stepping down as the leader of UKIP after achieving his dream of seeing the UK leave the EU.

Well, kind of - the UK hasn't actually left yet, but don't tell Nigel. Then he'd actually have to pitch in with ideas on what the shit Britain should do NOW THAT EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART.

So it seems our old mate Nige is back in the job market, and after years in the heat of politics he may be wondering what's out there for him. 

Well, we have a few suggestions that we just know he'll love. 

You can thank us later, Nigel.

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