19 Bizarre And Brutal Moments From A Chinese Dating Show

"You smile like a cute pig" *swoon*...

First dates. We've all had them. We've all hated them.

First, you have to wear clothes. Not nice, comfy clothes like you would normally wear, but sexy, alluring, painful clothes that accentuate your finer features and trick your potential partner into thinking you're anything other than a potato person.

Me, you, and everyone we know

Then there's the conversation. You can't just say your hobbies include munching down a Magnum multipack then watching Netflix and wanking yourself dry evening after evening after soul sucking, 'what even is the point of life' evening. No, you have to enjoy INTERESTING things, like 'theatre' or 'French new wave cinema' or 'pickling gherkins in free range brine'. 

Finally, there's the banter. Do you playfully take the piss and risk coming across like a total fucking arsehole, or do you act super interested in and supportive of everything your date says, even if they voted Brexit and enjoy pickling gherkins in free range brine? Honestly, dating is a fucking minefield.

Which is why If You Are The One, a Chinese dating show, is so damn refreshing. Sort of like a mix between Take Me Out and an incredibly public lie detector test, the show aims to put the honesty back is the dating game. Obviously this has led to a million amazing moments and, more importantly, screengrabs.

Here are 19 times If You Are The One got brilliantly brutal and bizarre AF...

Josh Pappenheim - @papsby