19 Yellow Kids Meals We Wish We Could Still Eat Every Day

How we long to be enveloped by a soft potato croquette once again.

One day, as you sit around the dinner table eating fresh vegetables and meat, one of your 2.3 children will ask: “Mother, what was dinner like when you were a girl?”

And as you put your forkful of chia-sprinkled yam back upon your plate, you’ll begin to tell them of better times. Of times when e-numbers were plentiful, when garlic butter ran freely from miniature balls of processed chicken. When potatoes were shaped to look like things, and turkey meat was also shaped to look like things.

If you spent the majority of your childhood in the 1990s, these are all of the delicious oven foods that you will tell them about. And sure, some may still exist, but are they really the same?

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