19 Muddy Pictures From Glastonbury That’ll Make You Feel 93% Better About Missing It

Worthy Farm looks like the apocalypse hit it.

We were all suffering a bit of Glastonbury FOMO this weekend. 

We spent the entire time staring at our Facebook feeds in horror, watching the state of the nation get worse and worse and WORSE. The revellers at Worthy Farm, however, were granted a bit of a reprieve by way of drinking, dancing and (we presume) easy access to soothing pharmaceuticals. 

That said, while the rest of the country was drowning in metaphorical shit, Glastonbury-goers had the real thing to contend with (no, we don't mean Coldplay - but now you mention it...). Glastonbury 2016 was a veritable mud bath. The torrential rain and storms over the past couple of days might not have dampened the festival’s ever-resilient spirit, but it definitely made us feel better about not being there. 

Bless these folks for making the best of it though…

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