19 Phoebe Facts That They Don't Know That We Know That They Know That We Know

... you know?

Phoebe's arguably the best character in Friends - she gets the best lines, the best boyfriends (helllooooooooo Crap Bag), the best pets (we still think about those rat babies now and then) and her family are friggiin' awesome - THE OTHER FIVE FRIENDS, that is.

We've decided here at Comedy Central that each of the main six deserve their moment in the spotlight - and this week we're kicking off with Phoebe, showing all her best episodes 4-8pm Saturday 27th August and 4-7pm 28th August.

And once they've had their minute in the sun, we're pitting them against eachother! Because what's life without a bit of healthy rivalry, right? Right? Use #VotePhoebe on ALL your social channels to show your allegiance! 

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