19 Times Joey Tribbiani Summed Up How You Feel About Food


If you had to, what would you give up, Friends, or food? Friends! Food. No, Friends. FOOD.  Ah, it's too hard. We want both! We wants food on Friends! From Rachel's trifle, to Monica's 'Mockolate', to Ross' rage candyfloss, food is integral to some of the funniest ever moments on Friends. We love the show's foodie moments so much, we made a quiz about it - if you can guess the Friends episode from the food they're eating, you can call yourself a true fan of both. In the meantime, here's every time Joey summed up our feelings about food...

When someone thinks it's cute to steal your food...

... and then you get really angry because they didn't pay for it

When people try to tell you about their life, but food is the only thing on your mind

When you see your friends tucking into some food and you've just got to join in

You'd pretty much do anything for food...

... and get really angry if you don't get what was promised to you

You've been known to lie in bed at night thinking about what you'll have for breakfast the next day

When you find out one of your favourite foods is really healthy, you use that as an excuse to go overboard

You find food sexier than most of your Tinder matches

You hate chopsticks because they just don't hold enough food

When you use any old excuse for eating loads

Even if you're completely stuffed, you can still find room for a bit more food

Sometimes you get so hungry that you eat things that aren't even edible

Pizza is your best friend

You're better at flirting with food than people

When you get caught eating someone else's food, you can't even pretend to feel bad about it

You embrace what your eating habits do to your body and feel great

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