19 Twin Films With Basically The Same Plot Released At Basically The Same Time

Case in point: 'Mirror, Mirror' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman' in 2012. WHY?

These days everyone is a bit of a film buff. We can't stop talking about our favourite '90s films, or reviewing the best cult pictures of the last few decades. Hell, we even go as far as creating colour palettes for the most popluar movies - we sure are film-crazy!

But only the BIGGEST film fanatics know of and have strong opinions about twin films. What *are* twin films? They're movies with basically the same plot produced or released at the same time from two different studios. Basically celluloid copycats. Think Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached, or Antz and A Bug's Life. There's a whole load of them out there! Seriously, see for yourself...