19 Vintage Friends Interviews That Will Make You Feel Old AF

Those were the days! Mostly because Friends was still on air.

1. That time they all went on Oprah and claimed fame hadn’t changed them.


2. That time the Today show visited Central Perk.


3. That time Jennifer and Matthew arrived at the 1996 Emmys.


4. That time Jonny Vaughan visited the cast while they were filming in England in 1998.


5. That time Oprah invited the entire cast over the day after the finale aired.


6. The emotional mess that was this trip down the memory lane of interviews and behind the scenes.


7. This 1997 Larry King artefact.


8. This whole People special.


9. That time when Jay Leno was still a late night host and Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox popped over to chat with him.


10. And when LeBlanc followed in their footsteps few years later.


11. Now, what do you know! It’s Aniston on Leno!


12. And could that be? Yes! It’s Perry. On Leno. In 2002. Just look at him. He’s such a baby.


13. That time they carried out the “final thoughts” interviews with the whole cast.


14. That time they argued who will keep the People’s Choice Award Lisa Kudrow got in 1995.


15. When they hosted SNL (yes, that happened).


16. When Jennifer and Courteney gave this quick interview at the 1996 Golden Globes.


17. When Jennifer Aniston rocked this hair-do on Letterman in 1998.


18. And when she got to be Ellen’s first ever guest.


19. And finally, when Lisa Kudrow got real on Charlie Rose.

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