20 Amazing Things You Used To Get Free In Cereal

You'd pay top dollar for any of these now.

[subheader:list:1]Kellogg's Bike Reflectors[/subheader]

Everyone says they got rid of free toys because of health and safety, but what could be safer than these - keeping you bright and visible on all those midnight cycling trips you weren't allowed to go on?

[subheader:list:2]3D Glasses[/subheader]

Nowadays you have to traipse all the way to the cinema to see something three dimensional, but back in the day you could peer through the fabric of space while chomping on some Shreddies.

[subheader:list:3]Football Stickers[/subheader]

If your pocket money didn't stretch to a full album and weekly sticker sets you could always make do with whatever players came free in your Sporties, stuck into a folded piece of A4 paper with "Sticker Alberm" scrawled on the front.

[subheader:list:4]Ghostbusters Water Transfers[/subheader]

Run one of these bad boys from your Shredded Wheat under the tap for a few seconds, and any lunchbox, pencil case or asthma inhaler could instantly be made 80% cooler.

[subheader:list:5]Spooky Spoons[/subheader]

So you don't think there's anything spooky about a bunch of cheap plastic spoons? What if we told you they change colour when you put them in your tea? Now let's see who's sleeping with the lights on tonight...

[subheader:list:6]X-Ray Dinosaur Cards[/subheader]

We'll just give you a moment to let that sink in. "So what did you do at breakfast Tommy?" "Oh, nothing much, I only peered into the belly of a Tyrannosaur while eating my Shreddies."

[subheader:list:7]Star Trek Sticker Set[/subheader]

Collect the whole set, send off to Weetabix HQ for the poster, and you have a fully functioning starship crew. Collect a couple and you have Deanna Troi stranded on an alien planet with a Borg enemy and only a stray Kinder Egg toy for support.

[subheader:list:8]Alien Fling-Ons[/subheader]

You know it's a 90s toy if it involves aliens and suction cups.

[subheader:list:9]Glo Ghosts[/subheader]

...or glow in the dark ghosts presented to you by the Honey Monster. We don't get even glow in the dark stuff anymore, probably because there's no such thing as the dark now that everything is constantly illuminated by at least three phone screens.

[subheader:list:10]Water Squirt Ring[/subheader]

It may look like the kind of normal, everyday, giant, plastic ring that every six-year-old wears to school, but get too close and you'd be humiliated by having up to 5ml of water gushing into your astonished face.

[subheader:list:11]Rugrats Pencil Grips[/subheader]

When you're a kid you're pretty much expected to be holding some kind of pencil 24/7. Luckily the good people at Weetos gave us these to pick up some of the slack.

[subheader:list:12]Mask Pencil Tops[/subheader]

And if you were bored of the taste of the end of your pencil, you could always chew on one of these instead.

[subheader:list:13]Wrist Pouches[/subheader]

These were so awesome and ahead of their time they still haven't caught on. Imagine having all of the convenience of a bumbag... on your wrist. Mega-handy!

[subheader:list:14]Robot Wars Stickers[/subheader]

Don't have the technical skills to build your own robot? Just grab a bunch of these from the Honey Nut Loops box, stick them on your remote control car and aim it at the hoover. Activate!

[subheader:list:15]Space Jam Trophies[/subheader]

Some people think today's kids are soft because they get a medal every time they succesfully come back from the toilet. But 90s kids were winning these over their Coco Pops and they turned out pretty cool. More casual trophy-giving please!

[subheader:list:16]Magic Straws[/subheader]

Imagine if straws could bend round corners and change colours and stuff! Well, there was a time when you didn't have to.

[subheader:list:17]Nickelodeon Flick Books[/subheader]

We're guessing that when word got out that some parents weren't letting their kids watch cartoons over their cereal, some genius at Kellogg's figured out a way to sneak them in to the box.

[subheader:list:18]A date with Kevin Keegan![/subheader]

We would love it if we won this. LOVE IT.

[subheader:list:19]A one pound coin[/subheader]

Alright, it wasn't exactly free. You had to buy 5 packs of Shredded Wheat, pay for their postage, and then wait up to 28 days for delivery. But come on. It's a one pound coin! Where else are you gonna get that?

[subheader:list:20]A boring book about gardens[/subheader]

This was given away by Cornflakes in 1986. But to be honest, if you were boring enough to be eating Cornflakes you probably thought this was great.