20 Years Later: What The Harriet The Spy Cast Look Like Now

"I want to see the whole world, and I want to write down EVERYTHING!"

It's been 20 YEARS since your jaw dropped as you watched Harriet, Sport and Janie run amock with Ole Golly AKA Rosie O'Donnell AKA coolest nanny ever, in the best garden in the whole entire world, in the funnest kids movie of all time, Harriet The Spy.

Need a refresher? 'Course you don't. Those tin pans and rainbow bottles of pop hanging from the trees are etched into your mind forever. But here it is anyway ^^^

Like the self-respecting 90s kids we know you are, you're probably dying to know what the cast looks like now.

Harriet, Sport and Janie are now OVER 30 YEARS OLD. As for the rest? You're riveted. Itching to see. Well LOOKY HERE. It's pictures of the entire cast, then (1996, wahhhh) and now.

Still want to see the whole world, and write down everything? This is a great place to start...

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