17 Beyond British Reactions To Boris Johnson's #Borexit

"Today I am using the Boris strategy at work. I've broken everything, pissed off everyone and run away to avoid any consequences."

After vehemently campaigning for Britain to exit the EU and current Prime Minister David Cameron to resign from his position, Tory MP Boris Johnson has announced he will NOT join the Conservative leadership race.

Previously the favourite to succeed Cameron in the event of Brexit, the former Mayor of London shocked the country to its core with the announcement.

Reacting the only way they know how (and have the energy to, following the battering they've taken in the last few days), the Great British public took their country back - with a shit tonne of sarcastic memes:

First, they pointed out this actual thing that actually happened:

Then they stalked David Cameron and took photos:

Then they hit the nail on the ol' head:

Then drew on that dry humour we're so well known for:

Dig deep in that black humour well, guys!

Us too dude:

But now they've really gone and done it. NO TEA AND CAKE FOR YOU:

This girl just really fucking hates Jamie Oliver:

God bless the Brits, the pound literally went up when Bozza left:

Really, this just *isn't* cricket:


True heroes walk among us:

Well said:


The stark truth:

Sarcasm? What's that?


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