21 Celebrities With Totally Random Hidden Talents

Beyonce's a Connect 4 champion and Eminem's a rare comic book artist.

Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Vin Diesel are demi-gods, this much we know. Born entertainers, they blow us away with their performances time and again - but do you know what they do behind closed doors, to let off steam? 

Since you asked, Queen B's a Connect 4 whizz (she's beaten Kanye 9 times, and we all know how smart he is), JB can solve a Ribik's Cube faster than he can find a new girlfriend and Vinny? He designs video games when he's not revving stupidly expensive cars.

Turns out, tons of celebrities have amazing hidden talents you've genuinely not heard about before. Check 'em out (and cry about your utter basicness). 

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