21 Weird Celebrity Endorsements That Totally, Actually Happened

Kim Kardashian selling toilet paper. Why? Why though?

Most celebrities will do crazy things to stay famous. They'll get a very bad tattoo. Or will "accidentally" get featured on a show like Punk'd. Anything to keep people talking.

But when no one's talking about them yet, they'll do anything to get their name out there. Nothing's off limits when you're 19, broke and living in L.A - like a Heinz ketchup commercial, if you're Matt LeBlanc. Or a Pringles ad, if your name's Brad Pitt.

There's a plethora of celeb endorsments out there that'll make you say 'WTF' - many of which don't get to use the 'but I was only a teenager!' excuse. 

Case in point? David Beckham selling fish fingers. That and everything else on this thoroughly weird, confusing list.

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