21 Handsome 90s Film & TV Hunks You Still Lust After Today

You have to admit - Marty was very (Mc)fly.

The 90s was a weird time for most of us, emotionally. On one hand, we were ecstatic about surviving the many crazes that popped up one after another throughout our childhoods. On the other hand, we'd be silently weeping into our pillows after watching some of the saddest films in the history of cinema. What a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

And then there was this weird tingly feeling we'd get from time to time. We'd look at Mulder from The X Files or Jack from Titanic and just know deep down inside that there was something special about them. Our knees would go weak and we'd get hot all of a sudden. Funny thing is, this strage feeling never really went away as we grew up...

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