21 Insane Hair Trends That Took Over 2016

What, you *don't* have a cat shaved into the back of your head?

2016 is nearly over, kids. OK, so it's only September, but damn doesn't it already feel that way?

Chances are you have Instagram. So chances are you're reading this with some ~eccentric~ hair dye halfway to being washed out of your otherwise boring head.

Why? Because this was the year of indy hair trends - neon plaits, merman colours, glitter roots (or nits, if you're not keen), hidden rainbows - the people of social media need to step away from the salon, an army of bubblegum teeny boppers looking same same but different.

If you're on board with the trend, this gallery will serve as inspiration. And if you're not, well, you're about to have a great time scoffing at this lot... 

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