21 Marriage Proposals That'll Make You File For Divorce

Seriously, we all need to up our #ProposalGame...

Marriage - according to every single rom-com you've ever seen, the single most important event in anyone's life.

But how does one get a marriage? Well, the first step is finding someone of the gender you're into, who's also into you. Great, so now you have to hang out with them for a bit, until you literally can't conceive of a life without them. Simple. Now's the hard part - proposal. Most people get down on one knee and give their partner a ring or whatever, but for some people that's just not enough... they have to make everyone else in the world feel terrible about their life choices at the same time!

So here, for your viewing displeasure, are the 21 most epic marriage proposals of all time. 

Obviously, because we're dead inside, we've tried our hardest to trash talk every single one of them... but know that it comes from a place of intense love, respect and jealousy*.

*we got away with that, right?