21 People Who Are Even Worse At Being An Adult Than You

You can't do your income tax, but at least you can boil an egg. Right?

It's hard being an adult, alright? It's not our fault - we spent roughly 18 years having everything done for us, and then suddenly we're supposed to know how to keep ourselves alive all of a sudden?

Don't worry though, as badly as you're doing, there's someone doing a lot worse.

In fact, there's 21 people doing a lot worse. You might not know how your pension works, but at least you're not these people.

1. The person who put washing powder in the dishwasher

2. The person who let their trash build up to quite an amazing extent

3. The person who maybe needs to go shopping at some point

4. The person who tried to go shopping and reverted to being eight years old

5. The person who managed to burn scrambled eggs

6. The person who couldn't even be bothered to put their chair together


7. The person who tried to put their chair together and failed so hard


8. The person who couldn't find their shoes this morning


9. The person who didn't quite grasp the concept of a shopping list

10. The person that literally had this for dinner

11. The person who tried to be an adult and ended up massively regretting it

12. The person who took an interesting direction with their living room decor

13. The person who had to circle the instructions on a plunger

14. The person who tried microwaving cookie dough and found out that you can't microwave cookie dough

15. The person who tried to alter their shorts and ended up ruining them

16. The person who ate this for breakfast

17. The person who put the wrong socks on, despite them being labelled

18. The person who put the wrong SHOES on, despite them looking nothing alike

19. The person who couldn't manage to peel an orange

20. The person who messed up a ready meal - a READY MEAL!

21. Finally, the person who had to ask... well, you can see

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