21 Super Inappropriate Jokes You Never Noticed In Nickelodeon Cartoons

For someone who lives under the ocean, SpongeBob is FILTHY...

Think back, way back. Past your first kiss. Past your first day of secondary school. Past your first honk on a crack pipe. Right back to your first memories.


What do you see? Your family standing around you as you ride your bike without stabilisers for the first time? Your first awkward peck on the cheek behind the bike sheds at school? No, of course not. No one remembers anything that actually happened in their life, are you insane?

No. What you remember is sitting, hunched, munching down a variety pack of own-brand Frosties, watching Nick cartoons after school.

But did you know that all this time you were basically watching PORN!?

Okay, maybe not porn, but complete and utter filth at the very least. Don't believe us?

Here are 21 completely inappropriate jokes hidden in Nickelodeon cartoons...

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