22 90s Backpacks That Will Send You Straight Back To School

Bagsy that bag.

Your school bag told everyone everything they needed to know about you, so it was very important that you had the right one to tell your story. So let's go back to school, back to the 1990s. Were you a Backstreet Boy? Or maybe a Powerpuff Girl? Perhaps you rocked the inflatables - hard to pull off, but you could do it.

Cast your mind back while you check out these most 90s of backpacks, and remember who you were at school (and who you still are, if you're being honest with yourself).

1. This Tamagotchi backpack

2. This Backstreet Boys backpack

3. This Goosebumps backpack

4. This Powerpuff Girls backpack

5. This Nintendo 64 backpack

6. This Batman backpack

7. This Star Wars backpack

8. This Angela Pickles backpack

9. This Arthur backpack

10. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack

11. This Baywatch Barbie backpack

12. This classic Hi-Tec backpack

13. This inflatable backpack

14. This Furby backpack

15. This Lisa Simpson backpack

16. This Rugrats backpack

17. This Pokémon backpack

18. This Spider-Man backpack

19. This Barney backpack

20. This Little Mermaid backpack

21. This Yu-Gi-Oh! backpack

22. This Adidas Oasis backpack

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