22 Memes That Will Only Make Sense If You're Addicted To Overwatch

LOLs rain from above!

Okay, it's official - Overwatch is the most addictive game of the year. Seriously, it's incredible... but we don't have to tell you that, do we?

No, you wouldn't have clicked this link if you weren't dangerously, pathologically addicted to Overwatch. Feeling your heart race with fear and anticipation when you draw 'attack' on the Temple of Anubis. The utter delight of unleashing your Reaper ult when you're surrounded, moments before death. Truly, it's a modern day masterpiece... but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly funny at times.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the 22 funniest memes that will only make sense if you're addicted to Overwatch!

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