22 Reasons The British Summer Is The Absolute Worst

Rain, rain, go away AND STAY THERE.

Summer is the one beacon of hope in the British calendar. The one time of year where, for once, it might not be grey and raining.

Every year we hold to the desperate belief that it's going to be a scorcher: 25° every day, barbecues for dinner and everyone gets an extra week off work to enjoy the weather.

Yeah. That never happens.


1. It’s way over-hyped every year


2. At the first sign of sun, everyone loses their minds

3. There are sweaty, shirtless men everywhere

4. Children running wild and making a lot of unnecessary noise

5. It’s sticky and muggy and sweating is a round-the-clock job

6. Then it starts raining for the foreseeable future

James Curran

7. You exist in one of two states: soaked or sunburned

8. Peeling skin is rarely a good look on anyone

9. Nor is drowned rat

10. It’s impossible to dress for summer in Britain, cos it changes every hour

11. Flies and insects are the only ones having a good time

12. Everyone thinks they know what they’re doing with a BBQ

13. There’s nothing but nothing but nothing but football on


14. If you’re single, you’re sick of seeing couples all loved up

Visual Num Nums

15. If you’re in a relationship, everybody else suddenly becomes very sexy indeed

16. Hayfever is the single biggest pain the arse of all time

17. Everyone wants to get married in the summer, so you spend a lot of time at stupid weddings

18. The really nice days always coincide with you having to go to work

19. When you're not at work, all you want to do is stay inside and watch Netflix

20. No matter how much effort you put into your hair, humidity will ruin it

21. If you decide to head to the beach, so will every other person in the country


22. And then when summer finally moves along, you wish it could have stayed longer

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