23 Shameless Animated Films Rip-Offs That Actually Exist

"Hey, dude, have you seen the newest smash hit, Tappy Toes yet?"

Who doesn't love a good Disney film? Or perhaps a nice production from DreamWorks? Box Office hits like Frozen or Lion King are our to-go movies when we need a little break from the usual hectic Hollywood fare, filled with explosions and so many superheroes you wonder why they don't outnumber humans yet. 

And other animation studios all over the world (but especially those in Brazil, the UK, and Russia, as it turns out) know only too well how popular these animations are with kids (and, not-so-secretly, us millennials). That's why once Pixar or DW score a big hit, you can bet your bottom dollar that a smaller studio's gonna rip it off and release it under a suspiciously similar name.

That's exactly what happened to Shark Tale and Reef. And many, many others...

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