23 Situations That Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of British People

"What are you doing later?"

Being British is an exhausting enterprise.

Alright, we're not living in war-torn Somalia, but life as an anxious Brit is almost as bad as being pursued by pirates every day. Though we're a mighty force on the world stage (or so we like to tell ourselves), deep down we're a bunch of scaredy cats. 

A very specific bunch of scaredy cats, mind. There are some things that strike fear into the heart of every British person in a way that no one of any other nationality could understand. 

1. Sitting in a reserved seat on a train knowing full well that you have no reservation

2. Having an issue with your meal and knowing you’ve got no choice but to complain

3. Telling someone an anecdote and realising everyone is listening in

4. Meeting up with someone you haven't seen for a while and not knowing how to greet them

5. Seeing the sky turn grey and realising you don’t have your umbrella

6. Leaving a shop without buying anything, knowing full well that you’re not a thief, but still

7. Accidentally touching a stranger on public transport

8. Around 9 o’clock on a Sunday evening


9. “What are you doing later?”

10. Getting a call from a number you don’t recognise


11. Sitting in a toilet cubicle and someone knocking on the door

12. Being handed a cup of tea this colour

13. Having an empty seat next to you on the bus

14. “So, tell us about yourself”

15. Anyone knocking on the door at any time

16. Going on a team building away day with work

17. Making eye contact with a charity mugger walking down the street

18. Being assured that you’re not in trouble

19. Getting a letter in a brown envelope from the government

20. Being asked to ‘say a few words’

21. Seeing someone you half know in the supermarket and hiding in the next aisle

22. Buying a pack of chewing gum just to get change from a £20

23. Going to the till, seeing there’s two queues

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