23 Times Amy Schumer Totally Slayed In The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

"My favourite people in the world still give me shit and treat me like the Long Island trash receptacle that I am."

Amy Schumer opens her first ever book in exactly the same way we probably would: “Hey, it’s me, Amy. I wrote a book!”

And like that, for the rest of the book, it basically feels like you’re at a sleepover with her. You know, the kind at which you talk about boys and times you failed at life, money and sex, and eat your own weight in Ben & Jerry’s.

As always, Amy’s hilarity makes an alarming amount of stuff come out of your nose, but she also delivers some pretty hard home truths as well. Meaning there's a pretty good handful of quotes from it worthy of being embroidered, framed, and put up in your living room.

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