25 Animals Who Got Way Higher Than You Could Ever Dream Of

Still D.O.G...

The internet was made for two things: sharing funny drug stories, and LOLtastic animal pics.

Sure, the spread of information regardless of national borders and language barriers is pretty great, but who gives a shit when a dog gets into an edibles stash?

Because that's ~exactly~ what happened to this little cutie! Obviously eating an entire weed-laced cookie was too much for the little fella (he started to get paranoid), but luckily he's all well and good now after a little trip to the vet.

So we decided to find a few more animals who could ~definitely~ have smoked a blunt or two. Here are 25 animals who are high AF*...

*DISCLAIMER: None of these animals are, to our knowledge, actually on drugs. It's weird enough getting high as a human being, an organism mentally capable of contemplating its own death, can you imagine what it's like to be out of your mind as an animal? Probably not good. Don't give drugs to your pets, people.

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