25 Magical Facts J.K Rowling Just Revealed About The AMERICAN Hogwarts

You can totally get sorted.

Sit down and strap in, Harry Potter fans (slash everyone in the world), because our queen J.K Rowling has just dropped a new short story with oodles of facts.

When we heard about it, we were like:

But then we recovered so that we could dig up the biggest and best nuggets of information gold just for you.

Spoilers follow, so you can read the origin story of America's Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry here or just get on with it and find out what the BIG HITS are with us.

Possibly the biggest bombshell is that the founder of America's only school for witches and wizards is an ancestor of the man himself, Lord Voldemort, but there are plenty of other bits of crazy info.

Like, our old mate Slytherin's wand was buried just outside the school and grew into a tree that basically heals people. MIND. BLOWN.

And there's more. Heaps more.

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