25 Faces In Everyday Objects Only Neurotic People Can See

If you're Type A, step away.

Can you see a face in any of the pictures above? Get nervous about germs splashing up out of the toilet and somehow, into your brain? HAVE to put the toilet roll on the right way round!? You my friend, are a bit neurotic. Oh, and you probably have Pareidoila.

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

A recent study in Japan found that anyone who's more of a Monica than a Phoebe tends to be more tense and nervous - and thus, predisposed for a condition called Pareidolia. Most likely leftover from evolution, this simply means you're more likely to see faces in everyday objects and random patterns. Why? Because your nervousness actually means you're on the lookout for potential threats, and see them at every turn.

You're basically James Bond, and the whole world is your Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Tell THAT to your boyfriend next time he's boring you in bed and you spot a smiley face on the ceiling.