26 #GrowingUpBritish Tweets That'll Make You Yearn For Simpler Times

Paper towels, projectors and pen erasers...

Look, 2016 sucks, we don't have to tell you this. Death, war, destruction and David Cameron - where do we even begin? 

How about we just don't, and climb into a cocoon of warm, squidgy nostalgia instead - full of Coco Pops, pen erasers, CGP revision books and Ribena. You want that, don't you. And so does the rest of the internet*.

*People who have twitter

Check out all the best #GrowingUpBritish entries from people who grew up, erm, British - and remember a time when politics wasn't dominated by poison chalices and penis-measuring competitions between posh school boys**. 

**Oh wait, still was. My bad. As you were

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