27 Amazing GIFs That Have Been Removed From The Internet

May they live on in our hearts and minds

1. Cat being sick in HD

2. Oprah receiving the Heimlich Manoeuvre

3. Paint drying in real time

4. Woman pressing some bubblewrap which refuses to pop

5. Cute toddler eating lice

6. Beyoncé clumsily hugging a fan and poking the girl behind her in the eye

7. Russian teens playing a regular game of roulette

8. Old man crying at a Green Day concert

9. Bald man in a bath of turpentine trying to remove green paint from his scalp

10. Emma Stone looking spiteful on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

11. Reckless 80’s mom mowing pitch during her kids’ soccer practice

12. Peter Dinklage reading Game of Thrones spoilers [EN SUBTITLES]

13. Rihanna entering Lidl by mistake

14. NASA re-entry FAIL

15. Asthmatic Fred Dibnah GTA V mod

16. A 10 second loop of the same frame from Pulp Fiction

17. Kid playing with yo-yo gets yo-yo caught under the wheels of a bus

18. Floating pen writing out your name over and over again in blood ink

19. The Wealdstone Raider trying to buy a Sambuca shot but being ignored by the bar staff

20. Exploring Chernobyl in Minecraft

21. Every GIF from the movie Step Brothers playing at the same time

22. A chimp in a suit at a wedding dropping his trousers to expose his surprising balls

23. Lisa Reilly missing her cue on You’ve Been Framed

24. Benedict Cumberbatch caught without the mask that covers his hideous reptilian face

25. [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] getting [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] while [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] then leaves the party

26. A beautiful vision of the future where we are set free from the flawed cages of sadness and isolation we call bodies and instead become beings of pure, brilliant light; where we transcend the limitations of reality to all become part of one big soul, all faces of the same person; where the worries and anguish that comprise our current miserable existence seem absurd, inconsequential and meaningless, instead replaced by an eternal state of euphoria and content; where, because we have one another, nothing can touch us - no hurt, no grief, not even death

27. A fisherman farting so hard it blows the fisherman behind him overboard

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