30 Things That Shouldn't Happen On Public Transport, But Did Anyway

We guarantee you’ll be walking into work after seeing these horrors.
Via @AnthonySBaxter
Could it be coffee? Yes. Are we going to be the ones to find out? No.

Via RadioYo 
Just a heads up: your seat isn’t supposed to be this comfy.

Via @JnrHarrison

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But please, do it somewhere else.

Via @Kiesy_22
TFL will rue the day they removed the “…with poo” from their “Please do not obstruct the doors” announcement.

Via  Telegraf
And, no – doing it over a seat doesn’t make it more acceptable.

Via IziFunny
To be honest, after seeing the last couple of pictures we don’t blame him.


Via @RizLateef
Brilliant. Because there’s not enough human crap on the floor.

Via Spoki
There is no romance left in my marriage. That’s right, take a picture.

Via Gothamist
Dude, you know what’s totally bitchin’? A complete disregard for other people’s personal space.

All it takes is some controlled breathing and a little self-discipline, and you too could unleash your inner twat.

Via @JamieFox1
FYI: When the driver said you need to change at Victoria, he just meant change trains.

Via DezInfo
Although on second thoughts, an emergency change of clothes might not be such a bad idea.

You forgot to zip your flies. Also, you forgot to bring your flies.

Via @KatieTheChamp
Seriously, it’s in your interests to keep everything tucked in.

Via Izismile
This guy’s figured it out.

Via @SwissLips
We don’t know which is more insulting: the lack of care they’ve taken over their shopping, or the tip they’ve left for the cleaner.

Y’know, just because some people were born luckier than others, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a ticket.

Via Metro
Every kid has their Christmas illusions crushed at some point. But not like this, Santa. Not like this.

VIa Guyism
This seat is reserved for those less able to stand – although it doesn’t say on how many legs.

Via RatChatter
Yep, that’s a dead shark. Or, more accurately, a ‘photo opportunity’.

Via Gothamist
You’d think there’d be a lot more space around this guy. But hey, a seat’s a seat.

Via Nadlanu
Although if you see this lady getting on, you might want to consider giving yours up.

Via Reddit
Does anyone else think the designers put that gap there on purpose?

Via Funny World
She knows that’s in there, right?

Via NosyGirl
Why waste time chopping onions at home when you can release their tear-inducing gas into a confined public space?

Via Tranluc
“Please wake me up at Yuyuan. Also, change my nappy at Jiangsu Road, because I have no concept of personal responsibility.”

Via IziFunny
Smart car, dumb passenger.

Via 4Gifs
Please move down inside the carriage. Preferably without asphyxiating us all.

Via KanalD
At least he’s not in the way.

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